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Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Plan Your Next Team Offsite!

Is your LinkedIn-Feed currently filled with posts about company retreats, team offsite and culture weeks? The amount of buzz shows how team gatherings become a high priority in many companies after a long absence of face to face interaction. As remote work became the standard during corona, ways of working and meeting needs are being redefined.

67 % of employees want more in-person work or collaboration post-pandemic (source). Loneliness was mentioned as biggest struggle working remotely (source). As employees are haunted by feelings of disconnection, 43% of leaders say relationship-building is the greatest challenge in remote and hybrid work (source). Companies that want to retain talent in these difficult times have identified the importance of team offsites and workations to strengthen the bonds among team members. Culture building becomes a top priority and companies are eager to plan their next team travel sooner rather than later.

Generally speaking, it makes sense to start looking for a suitable accommodation about 3–6 months before the team offsite or workation. Sometimes it is possible to find an available venue on shorter notice, but to really make sure that the perfect venue can be secured, it helps to start early with the preparation.

As a result, the benefits of planning your team offsite or workation in the summer for a fall or winter get away are:

  • You are more likely to find availability for bigger groups in accommodation and flights.
  • Prices for venues and flights tend to be lower if you book well in advance.
  • An offsite at the end of the year is a good time to reflect on the past months.
  • It's also an effective way to reignite the team's motivation that tends to fade in the second half of the year just because everyone is caught up in their own deadlines.

The search for an offsite accommodation can be more time consuming than anticipated and it might be not so easy to find what you are looking for. You need work desks and workshop space? You need reliable internet? Not easy to find on your regular platforms. Placing a booking for a bigger group could get difficult on airbnb.com, booking.com & co since these platforms are not designed for group bookings. We have been there so we know the struggle! This is why we have invested time and effort to curate amazing team offsite and workation venues here in Europe. It's a good idea to use the summer time to plan your next team offsite or workation for the fall or winter. Your team will be looking forward to the next exciting opportunity to connect, learn from each other and make memories.

If you want to spend less time searching for an offsite accommodation, we invite you to browse through our curated venues. You will be able to filter for your needs and request up to 3 venues at the time!

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