Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for the use of cloopio


On cloopio’s website you can obtain information about offsites and workations. cloopio does not offer travel itself, but allows you to send booking requests for accommodations. These are forwarded by us to our partners, who then aim to confirm the respective accommodation.

Accommodation Bookings

Please note that even booking requests confirmed by our partners may be forfeited if you do not respect the payment deadlines in our partners' invoices or if a payment method used is rejected.

We carefully select the accommodations offered on our website, but we cannot guarantee that there have not been changes since the entries on our site were created, or that the photos used by us are incorrect.

Booking conditions

Accommodation bookings are provided by Bidroom International BV.

The following payment conditions apply:

50% deposit non-refundable as a booking confirmation to Bidroom International BV with one of the available payment methods proposed.

The remaining 50% will be due up to 8 weeks prior to arrival.

The specific timeline will be communicated together with the offer prior to booking confirmation.

If the offer is confirmed less than 14 days prior to arrival, 100% of the amount should be paid when confirming the offer and is non-refundable.

Should the request be made during high season for the specific location and close to the arrival date, it is possible that 100% of the total amount is requested at confirmation. This will be mentioned in the offer sent to you.

The venue may have specific policies related to your meal plan or meeting rooms which will be presented in the offer.

In any case, the final offer sent to you by cloopio will contain all specific conditions which may differ from the general conditions presented above.

Booking cancellation conditions

You should cancel your booking by contacting support@cloopio.com.

The booking is confirmed by the payment of the deposit. As such, no booking is confirmed and therefore canceled before the deposit is paid.

Should the booking be canceled after the payment of the deposit, no refund will be possible. The remaining amount of the booking will not be charged and the booking will be immediately canceled by Bidroom international BV.

Should the booking be canceled after the full 100% amount has been paid, no refund will be possible. The booking will be immediately canceled by Bidroom International BV.

Should the booking be canceled by the venue, Bidroom International BV cannot be held responsible but will do everything in its power to accommodate you at another venue.

In the case that no alternative venue can accommodate you, Bidroom International BV will refund the full amount already paid by you.

Other services

cloopio provides the customer support to you and is available via support@cloopio.com for support inquiries regarding the cloopio website and accommodation requests and bookings.

cloopio handles all communication with the users of the cloopio website. That also entails the delivery of the offer, invoice as well as booking confirmation. These documents will be send to you by cloopio on behalf of our partner Bidroom International BV, who is your service provider for the accommodation booking.

cloopio also provides information on the add-on services that are available at the respective accommodation on the cloopio website. If you request those services in the request form, your interest will be forwarded by us and our partner Bidroom to the respective accommodation. After your booking is confirmed, the accommodation will reach out to you to make you an offer for the add-on services that interest you. Neither cloopio nor our partner Bidroom can be held responsible for the availability of add-on services or is liable for any claim in the context of the add-on services.

Upon your consent, cloopio creates a travel plan with the information of your trip (date, group size, accommodation) that you can share with your team members for information purposes. cloopio can not be held responsible for the content of the travel plan.

Force Majeure

Neither our partners nor we are liable for damages caused by events beyond our control, e.g. requirements of authorities during a pandemic, new legal regulations, disturbances due to bad weather, war, police operations or similar.

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